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Awning Style Windows

Perfect For Privacy in Golden, Denver & Surrounding Cities

Great For Ventilation While Keeping The Rain Outside

six single-hung windows installed on house with blue wall and hardwood floors next to a glass door
four awning-style windows open on blue building
three open awning style windows with black frames

In Colorado, we experience a wide range of weather and climate patterns throughout the year. With some of the freshest air in the country, it’s always nice to have a window open even when it’s raining sideways. Awning style windows allow you to maintain air flow and ventilation while keeping the water outside. To open and close, you’ll use a cranking mechanism that turns the window up and out, similar to a patio awning. 

Another major advantage of these windows is privacy, so they are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere else that you’d like to keep a window cracked open without anyone being able to see inside. In comparison to some of the other popular window styles, awning style windows can offer more airflow because of the way they completely open to the breeze. Our experienced team will know exactly which parts of your building are the best styles and architecture to install these.

Reasons to Choose Awning Style Windows in Colorado

For both homes and businesses, awning style windows make a ton of sense. Our team has extensive experience on residential, commercial and industrial properties, so we take our time inspecting the location and getting your feedback. Here are some of the main reasons we will recommend awning style windows in Golden, Denver and surrounding Colorado cities:

Ventilation During Bad Weather

In Colorado, a sunny day can turn into dark clouds and inclement weather in the blink of an eye. Awning style windows allow you to keep your windows open, even if there is heavy rain or snow outside. This style is perfect for a small or medium sized windows in a garage or kitchen.


If you’re looking for privacy, awning style windows are great. The glass can be tinted or foggy, keeping the natural sunlight without anybody being able to see inside. Whether at your home or in a public building, these are great for bathrooms and washrooms that need consistent airflow and privacy.

Commercial Buildings

The awning style is one of the most popular windows for high rises, hotels, offices and commercial buildings. For apartment building units that don’t have a porch or patio, large awning style windows work as a perfect substitute. All you need to do is turn the crank or push at the bottom and the window will hinge open, allowing a rush of air to enter.

Awning Style Window FAQs

Are awning style windows cost-effective?

The short answer is yes. Cost-effectiveness varies based on the type of material, the quality of the brand, and the size of the window. When considering awning style windows, the cost will be comparable to other window styles so it’s more about the type of functionality you’re looking for.

Can I install an A/C unit with an awning style window?

If you need to install an air conditioning unit in your window, awning style might not be the best. It might make more sense to install a traditional window style, or some of the other variations we offer like single-hung and double-hung windows. Awning style windows are really best for windows that prioritize privacy, quick air flow, and protection from the rain.

How do awning style windows operate?

Some awning style windows allow you to push them open, but most of them use a crank mechanism similar to a car with manual windows. This makes it important to consider if you will have easy access to the window and be able to operate the cranking mechanism. When closing an awning style window, there will be a very tight seal created that locks in place.

Are awning style windows energy-efficient?

As mentioned above, the cranking mechanism is a great way to make sure your window is completely closed and insulated. You can quickly open the window, allow some ventilation, and then close it back up to quickly return to your previous internal temperature. These windows are perfect for the Fall and Winter because they allow direct sunlight but can also stay open during bad weather. The energy efficiency of any window relies on the quality of the product and additional features such as Low-e insulated glass.

Awning Style Window Replacement & Installation in Golden & Denver, CO

Awning Style Window Reviews from Recent Customers

We’re proud of the work we do, assisting both home and business owners in installing and replacing their awning style windows. Here are what a few recent customers in Golden and Denver, CO have had to say after trusting us with their project:

{We had two awning style windows that needed to be replaced so we called Front Range Windows and Phil came out to see us that day. He replaced both windows and we have since had him replace our sliding door too. Amazing service!{
Denver, CO
{We were looking for the best combination of privacy and ventilation for new windows we were installing. Front Range Windows helped us decide on awning-style windows and we couldn't be happier! The installation was quick and Phil is incredibly friendly. Highly recommend!{
Denver, CO
{Phil was amazing! He replaced a bunch of windows on our house, including awning-style windows in our basement to help with airflow without letting in rain. Thanks Phil!!{
Golden, CO

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