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four side by side casement windows with view of a snowy outdoors
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People in Colorado love using casement windows to maintain great insulation without sacrificing those unobstructed views that make our state one-of-a-kind. The ventilation is superb because the windows open on a hinge that can either capture or block the breeze, depending on what your goals are for the room. Sometimes people want the casement window to catch and direct the wind inside, and sometimes they want the window to block the wind and have a more indirect airflow. Whichever you prefer, we can install the hinge on either side of the window to help you achieve the desired results.

In addition, casement windows are a fantastic option when security is a concern, making them a popular choice on the lower levels of homes and businesses. Casement windows can be composed of a single frame, two frames that hinge out from the middle, or even two separated frames that are centered by a large, wide piece of glass that is anchored in between. Our team will offer expert advice based on our own experience, but we also want to know your ideas and suggestions so we can personalize every room to your specific needs.

Benefits of Using Casement Windows in Colorado

Casement windows provide a number of benefits to residential and commercial property owners in Golden, Denver and throughout Colorado. From security to functionality, here are the top 5 benefits of installing casement windows on your home or office:

1. Security

Security is a key feature that makes casement windows the right choice for so many different locations. Unlike some of the other window styles that can be pried open, casement windows use a cranking mechanism that secures the entire pane of glass in place. When you turn the handle and lock it in place, you will feel the way it tightly seals the window. Additionally, you can use casement windows that are very slim in width, so even if someone manages to get it open they still won’t be able to fit through the window and get inside.

2. Ability to Customize

Casement windows have one of the widest ranges of customization because of the many different functionalities. You could have a single frame in a small bathroom window, a double frame in a larger kitchen window, and a triple frame with the anchored glass between to give your living room the best natural light in the house.

3. Ventilation

Casement windows are perfect for rooms that need a high level of ventilation while also maintaining your privacy and security. Depending on which side the hinges are installed, you will have the ability to choose exactly which way the air will flow into the room. You can choose to slightly crack the window, or you can open it all the way to maximize the airflow. From the installation to the daily use, you will have complete control over the ventilation.

4. Unobstructed Views

Casement windows allow you to have a large, single pane of glass, unlike many of the standard window frame styles that give you a partially obstructed view. If you install a two frame that hinges out in the middle, you will maximize the outlook of any bathroom or kitchen. If your living room needs a lot of natural light, we can install a large horizontal piece of glass that is anchored in place and completely unobstructed, while placing casement windows on either side that can be hinged open at any time.

5. Simple & Functional

Like many other styles, these have a simple and functional appeal. As long as you can reach the handle, the cranking mechanism is a familiar and easy way to open and close your casement windows. These are ideal in kitchen, bathroom, or an office building because they require minimal effort to operate. 

Casement Window FAQs

Are casement windows easy to clean?

Yes, they are one of the easiest windows to keep clean. By their nature, casement windows open fully, giving you easy access to both the sides of the glass, as well as the lower part of any window frame that tends to collect dirt and debris. Simply hinge the window open by turning the handle, wipe a sponge or paper towel across the surface, and you’re done! No need to use a fine toothed comb to keep these looking fresh and tidy.

How are casement windows for privacy?

In addition to being one of the most secure windows, they also offer a great level of privacy. You can use traditional shades that come down from the top, or you can use roman shades that pull up from the bottom using either a cord or cordless mechanism. This allows you to leave a casement window cracked open at night while feeling confident that your privacy is protected.

Can casement windows help to save money on heating and cooling?

Casement windows are a preferred option for superior insulation and quickly adjusting the temperature of a room. If it’s warm but not scorching, no need to turn on the air conditioning when you can open your windows at the turn of a handle. Conversely, if it’s freezing cold, casement windows form an extremely tight seal and lock in place, keeping the heat inside your house.

How do casement windows look?

In our opinion and based on the feedback we’ve received from a range of people, casement windows are one of the most beautiful and functional options. The streamlined appearance gives a really impressive aesthetic to any home or business. They look great in a modern home or new construction, but they also fit seamlessly inside a vintage home that needs a window replacement. Casement windows maintain an elegant and decorative display while giving you the ability to customize the atmosphere of every room.

Recently Installed Casement Windows in Golden & Denver, CO

At Front Range Windows, we’re proud to have helped hundreds of home and business owners to install casement windows over the years. Here are a few recent casement window replacement projects that we’ve completed in Golden and Denver, CO:

Testimonials from Casement Window Install & Replacement Projects

{Our new windows are beautiful! Front Range Windows installed a large window in our living room with casement windows that open and close on the sides. They came out perfect! Thank you!{
Denver, CO
{Thank you to Front Range Windows! We replaced all the windows on our house including many different styles, and the project was finished ahead of schedule! Phil was so easy to work with. I recommend Front Range Windows to anyone needing new windows!{
Denver, CO
{We needed a couple new windows that opened from the slide rather sliding up and down. Phil recommended casement windows and we couldn't be happier with the results! They look great and do exactly what we need.{
Golden, CO

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