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Double-Hung Windows

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While single-hung windows offer a cost-effective, durable and low-maintenance product, double-hung windows give your property an extra feeling of luxury and convenience. 

With the ability to open both the upper and lower sash, there are more options for how you choose to naturally ventilate the room. If you want the outside air blowing directly in with a comforting breeze, open the lower sash. If you want the windows to operate more for air flow but not directly feeling the wind in your face, open the upper sash while staying cozy. If you burnt something in the oven and need to quickly expunge all the contaminated air, open both levels of your windows for a fast and effective refresh. 

Here are some of the reasons that residential and commercial property owners are choosing double-hung windows in Golden, Denver, and the other surrounding areas of Colorado:

Benefits of Installing Double-Hung Windows in Colorado

More and more people are choosing double hung-windows because they love the autonomy it gives them over their property. The upstairs windows can have both sashes open while the downstairs windows only have the upper sash unlocked, or vice versa. The windows can be cracked open slightly, or completely opened for maximum air flow. Below are a few benefits that have made double-hung windows a popular choice in Golden, Denver and surrounding cities:


Double-hung windows are designed with two sashes stacked on top of eachother that can both be opened as needed. Neither sash is fixed in place which means you have complete control of the atmosphere you keep in your home or property. With the ability to open both levels of the window, you will have the versatility to decide when and how you adjust the airflow of the room.


Double-hung windows allow for easy cleaning compared to most window styles. Whether you’re on the first floor or the 20th, it’s easy to clean both the inside and outside of the window because of the ability to open both the upper and lower sashes. Keep your windows crystal clean without the need for a ladder, or hiring a professional.

Modern & Classic

Double-hung windows come in a variety of styles that have a classic, retro or vintage appeal. Whether your property is brand new or well-seasoned, you’ll be able to find an option that matches the aesthetic of your interior design while still giving you that luxury and convenience of modern window technology.

Double-Hung Window FAQs

Are double-hung windows expensive?

Double-hung windows are typically more expensive than single-hung windows because there are more moving parts and pieces. We often recommend that our customers only install double-hung windows in the most important rooms where they will really get that extra benefit, and use the single-hung windows throughout the rest of the home or business.

Are double-hung windows energy efficient?

Double-hung windows are usually less energy efficient than single-hung windows because both sashes are movable, thus they are more prone to letting air seep through. But the energy-efficiency of double-hung windows depends on the rating of the window, so we will always recommend using higher quality products if energy efficiency is important to you. Even if it’s a bit more expensive in the short-run, you’ll be saving on heating and cooling costs in the long run. At Front Range Windows, we use insulated frames and Low-e glass to give that extra layer of energy efficiency and protection.

What is Low-e glass?

Low emissivity (“Low-e”) glass is a type of insulated glass that reduces the amount of heat transferred through the glass with a special type of coating that doesn’t compromise the amount of light that shines through. Low-e glass increases the energy efficiency of a window, and is a key factor in maximizing the energy efficiency of double-hung windows due to both the upper and lower sashes being movable.

Can I put a window unit air conditioner in a double-hung window?

Yes! In fact, double-hung windows can make a ton of sense for home or business owners that don’t have central air conditioning. If the A/C unit is installed correctly in the lower sash, you can still open the top sash of the window to get fresh air and a natural breeze.

Double-Hung Windows We Have Installed in Golden & Denver, CO

At Front Range Windows, we know what it takes to quickly and reliably install double-hung windows. Take a look at some of the recent jobs we’ve completed in the Golden and Denver, CO areas:

Testimonials from Recently Installed Double-Hung Windows

Something that makes us very proud is seeing our new customers become long-term clients. People in the area turn to us time and time again because they know the quality and accountability we bring to every job. Check out some local testimonials:
{We had never had double-hung windows in our home before, but were excited about the airflow they could provide. Phil helped us understand the benefits of them and we are so happy with results. We have a second home in the mountains that we will use Front Range Windows for to install double-hung windows there too.{
Golden, CO
{Our new windows are perfect! Phil and his team did a great job. We replaced ten windows and decided to go with double-hung windows because they are easy to clean. Thanks Phil!{
Denver, CO
{I love being able to open both the top and bottom parts of our windows. Thanks to Front Range Windows for a job well done!{
Golden, CO

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