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In Colorado, we are home to some of the most incredible scenery and panoramic views. Sliding windows are an ideal choice for taking full advantage of the breathtaking landscapes that surround us. Also commonly referred to as gliding windows, they move along horizontal tracks at the top and bottom of the frame.

Sliding windows are composed of at least two window sashes that move past each other and are operated by a handle mechanism. If you need a high-level of ventilation, these windows might not be the best option, but they are absolutely perfect for areas with limited space inside or outside. They also provide an unobstructed view that looks like a widescreen tv, so while they may not be the best for privacy they are certainly a preference for looking out at the natural beauty of Colorado.

If you’re considering installing or replacing sliding windows on your home or office in Golden or Denver, CO, consider the following to make the best decision for your property:

Benefits of Installing Sliding Windows in Colorado

A sliding window can be a perfect choice for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom where you’d like to have a panoramic view. Additionally, they can be a great cost-effective option to give you the feel of a bay window for a fraction of the cost. No need to pay for an expensive project when a sliding window installation can give you a similar list of benefits. Here are some of the advantages we’ve noticed of sliding windows in Golden, Denver and surrounding cities:

Horizontal Operation

As mentioned above, horizontal operation is perfect for a window that’s begging for a wider view. Smaller sizes of this style are ideal in bathrooms and kitchens, while the larger models are great for bedrooms and living rooms that have a scenic area outside.

Easy To Use

Unlike traditional windows that require some upper body strength to operate, sliding windows smoothly glide along tracks. Most sliding windows are equipped with built-in handles or finger pulls that make them easy to grasp and maneuver, even for larger window sizes.


Whether a home or a commercial building, architects are always trying to save space. Sometimes there’s an adjacent structure that prevents the installation of windows that open out or swing on hinges. Sliding windows take the benefits of a traditional window and turn it sideways, while using a handle to move it along the tracks.

Wide Views

Sliding windows amplify the range of light that can enter the room and provide much more natural views. These can be ideal for a residential living room, or even a large public building that requires a lot of natural brightness. Especially in Colorado, sliding windows are perfect for viewing the beautiful outdoors from inside your home or office.

Sliding Window FAQs

Are sliding windows better for residential or commercial buildings?

Whether you’re building a tiny home or a large industrial warehouse, sliding windows give you the sleek and efficient option of a landscape view. Minimalist and modern designs look fantastic with sliding windows, so they are a very popular and cost-effective solution instead of having to install a bay window or dormer.

Are sliding windows good for ventilation?

While sliding windows certainly help ventilate your property, they do not provide the highest level of ventilation because of the way they operate. Awning style windows and casement windows provide a much deeper and more complete airflow because they open up and out. That being said, sliding windows are a great solution for areas of your home or business that can’t accommodate a hinging window.

Will sliding windows look better for a modern home or a more vintage style?

Because of the handle or cranking mechanism, we often see the sliding windows installed in more modern and contemporary homes. Vintage and victorian style homes often look better with traditional windows, but there always seems to be a couple of rooms in every home that could benefit from a sliding window. Examples include attics, garages, and smaller bathrooms where guests and visitors won’t be spending as much time.

Are sliding windows good for privacy?

Sliding windows are one of the least effective choices if privacy is a main priority. They would require custom window shades, and the whole purpose of this style is giving you the best view outside while allowing the most natural light to come inside. It is important to consider these factors when choosing what type of window you install.

Sliding Windows We Have Installed in Golden & Denver, CO

At Front Range Windows, we have the experience and knowledge to properly install the sliding windows at your home or business. In Golden and Denver, CO we are known for our experience and quality of work that you can see in the following pictures:

Real Testimonials from Recently Installed Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a great way to improve your property, especially if increasing natural light and enhancing your view of the outdoors is a primary concern. We take pride in the work we do for our customers and are excited when we receive feedback after completing a project. Here are some recent reviews from clients we have completed sliding window replacement and installation projects for in Colorado’s Front Range:

{Phil helped us pick out new basement egress windows. He got them ordered and installed with no hassles. The windows look great and we didn’t have to do a thing. Not a scrap of construction trash was left behind either.{
Golden, CO
{I contacted Phil and he offered to come out on a Sunday to accommodate me and to get the job done quickly for us. Not only did he come out on his day off, he showed up when he said he'd be there and did a phenomenal job with the window replacement. Absolute professional to work with, no hidden fees from what he quoted me. I will not hesitate to use him in the future and would highly recommend him and his company!!!{
Golden, CO
{I am thrilled that I found Phil and Front Range Windows! I had 17 windows that were not installed properly the first time and Phil and his crew came out and fixed them all for a very reasonable price! Now they are going to replace my sliding glass doors. I highly recommend Phil and Front Range Windows!{
Westminster, CO

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